Hot Chocolate / from Lakanto

Christ is in our midst!

Fasting from foods is what majority of people think of when fasting during Great Lent. Speaking humbly, as someone who lives a plant based lifestyle, it is much easier to fast from food than from our passions. We each have our own demons to battle with, be it despair, envy, anger, jealousy, gluttony, lust, lust for ambition and success, lust for power, pride, etc. These passions, I share with you as I have learned from the Saints and personal experience, are harder to fast from than foods; we get breaks to indulge in our favorite foods but we never get a break to fast from our passions, with good reason because they eat and destroy our souls. As long as we have our faith in God, see how far He has brought us in our life, see how we have been gifted with each breath we take, we have the strength to fast from foods and passions. It is hard to follow God without question but we learn, when reflecting back on our life, God was always there and that helps quench the questioning mind. I had often thought for many years, when I was younger and battling severe heartbreaking difficult tribulations, that God had abandoned me. I know now that it was I who had disappointed God by my reactions to life circumstances. To many I may seem very spiritual or may be viewed that I am judging others or think I am better because I go to church often. No, my dear ones, I am not. I am devoted to God because He loves me so much and I can always rely on Him; I have put my trust in many people in my life to only be disappointed. I do my best surrendering my self will only because God has blessed these tribulations in my life. I still fall short surrendering my self will to follow God’s will. He knew, knows and will always know what is and was best for my soul. It is not easy when encountering current sufferings but I believe that these are ways that God presents to me. It took me many years to learn this and I know I have much more to learn.

That’s some deep talk over some hot chocolate, isn’t it? Forgive me. My passion for God gets the best of me.

For personal health reasons, I could not do a full Clean Monday fast. I pray one day I will have the strength to do it. One of the things I had and am having on this fast is Lakanto’s “Monkfruit Sweetened Drinking Chocolate Powdered Drink Mix”. Often times, there is dairy in chocolate powder mixes. What I really like about this product is not only the benefits of chocolate but there is also monk fruit for sweetness and probiotics, which is important for our gut health. Many studies have been shown that there is a gut-brain link. A healthy gut can help us have a healthy mind; I have come across medical articles that state that it can even help depression. Don’t take my word for it, though. First off, I am not a doctor. Secondly, I am still learning about the gut-mind link.

If you crave a dessert-like drink during strict fasting days, look no further. For me, this drink feels very indulgent so I skip on adding my usual teaspoon or two of monk fruit sugar and add a smaller amount of non-dairy milk than usual.

Yields 1 serving


3 tbsp Lakanto Drinking Chocolate Powdered Drink Mix

12 oz Water or Non dairy milk

Lakanto Monkfruit Sugar or sweetener of choice


Mix the powdered drink mix in water or milk. Mix well. Enjoy hot or cold.

Nutritional Benefits

Serving Size is 3 tbsp

20 Calories per serving

Total Fat 0.5g Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 70mg

Total Carbohydrates 21g

Dietary Fiber 7g

Total Sugars 0g

Sugar Alcohol 13g

Protein 1g

Iron 1mg

Potassium 243mg

1 Billion CFU Probiotic


Lakanto’s “Monkfruit Sweetened Drinking Chocolate Powdered Drink Mix

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