Maqui Berry Lemonade by Julie Morris

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Christ is risen!

Summer is here! On a global level, this week is going to be a very hot week. Today alone the temperatures are above 40 C (100 F +) in many parts of the world. Tomorrow will be 95 F here in New York City. “Suns out, larimar out” or “Suns out, lemons out” is more my motto than the well known saying, “suns out, buns out”. Larimar is a beautiful stone that reminds me of the ocean; when I can’t get to the ocean, I like to look at my Larimar ring and bracelet. And I love hanging out at Central Park with a good book or my sketch book. Hanging outside in the heat, I have to make sure I stay properly hydrated and having a lemonade is a favorite of mine to quench the thirst. When working at my grandfather’s shop, it was my go to drink for the summer shifts. Unfortunately, for the next 3 months, citrus fruits have to be out of my diet, which is so unfortunate because I love lemonades!

Lemonades take me back to working at my grandfather’s shop. Back in the day, I would take great pride in myself of even being an awesome lemonade and dare say an egg cream maker. I was able to make the perfect lemonade (or egg cream) for each individual customer thanks to grandpa. Cutting out citrus for the summer is a tough one for me, as well as cutting out spicy foods, but being in bed sick for days is not fun.

Browsing through Julie Morris’ cookbook “Superfood Kitchen”, I found a creative lemonade recipe with a really interesting ingredient– Maqui Berry Lemonade. I am trying to be sneaky with being healthy without compromising my taste buds and health by adding super nutrient dense foods in my food. I tend to be quite a picky eater to the extent that my husband even nicknames me Pippy (because I am like the princess in the princess and the pea story). I love and enjoy the hot weather with a good book in my hand and a drink in the other to stay cool. After trying this recipe, it is a new go to lemonade recipe for me! Just don’t forget the ice! I didn’t make it over ice the first time and you couldn’t taste the amazing flavor profile of maqui berry.

This drink is really great for those hot days in the summer; bring to a picnic or gathering with loved ones.

Notes from Julie Morris: I remember loving pink lemonade as a kid, but had I not seen (and tasted) this beautiful reddish-purple lemonade… whoa. The pink stuff wouldn’t have stood a chance. This unique lemonade is rich in antioxidants with just a small hint of berry flavor from the maqui.

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1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

4 cups water

1 1/2 tbsp agave nectar or liquid sweetener of choice (I use monkfruit sweetener)

1 tsp maqui powder

Stevia, to taste (optional)

  1. Mix all ingredients together, being sure the camp gets fully incorporated so there are no clumps, if using. Sweeten with stevia to desired taste. Best served over ice.

Variation: Add 1/2 tsp came powder for the best of both lemonade worlds.

Nutritional Benefits
maqui berry

Notes from Julie Morris: “Maqui berries are the singles highest (known) antioxidant fruit in the world, with up to 9,200 ORAC units per gram — almost double the antioxidant activity of aΓ§aΓ­ berries. Maqui berries have a strong concentration of two antioxidants (of the flavonoid variety), known as polyphenols and anthocyanin, which repair and protect DNA. Studies have also shown that best that berries with anthocyanins are particularly beneficial in reducing oxidative stress associated with aging, as well as improving brain function. Add in quality amounts of vitamin C, minerals, as well as several anti-inflammatory compounds, and it’s clear maqui is a tremendously exciting food for health and anti-aging.”


63% Carbs

24% Protein

13% Fat

Calories: 20 per medium lemon (raw, with peel)

Protein: 1g

Tip: Use both the juice (for vitamin C) and the zest (for limonite and limonene)


“Superfood Kitchen”, Julie Morris

“The Vegetarian Flavor Bible” by Karen Page Photographs by Andrew Dornenburg

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