Adding Oil to Pasta is a Good Thing?: Truth or Myth?

So I just learned something new about pasta, because I am about to make Conchiglie tutto giardino – Pasta with “the whole garden”- tonight for my boyfriend and our guest.

I can’t recall the time that someone told me to add oil to pasta. Anyways, I usually cook pasta at home for my boyfriend and I.   My boyfriend is my taste-tester. Tonight, I am not only cooking for my family, but for a guest. So curious me wants to know more about my recipe. I want to wow the pants off our guest. I want them to feel so loved and welcomed by us. Not enough Love goes around in this world. This is my way of expressing Love.

So what was I curious about? Adding oil to pasta.

Is it really true that adding oil to pasta helps it de-stick?

According to Health Foodie, “it is a common belief that adding oil to pasta-water prevents the pasta from sticking together. Adding oil to pasta water not only does not prevent sticking, but it actually makes it harder for any sauce to adhere to the pasta later on. Even worse, using oil in the cooking water makes it so that some fat soluble nutrients dissolve out of the pasta and end up being tossed out with the water.

If anyone knows me, one of my prime goals is to reap maximum nutritional benefits from the food. What is the solution to pasta not sticking?


Health Foodie suggests:, “if you want to keep your pasta from sticking together, use the following tips: Make sure you use a large pot with plenty of water so that the paste can move around. Having the water boil at all times also keeps the paste moving. Stir the pasta with a fork every once in a while to prevent sticking. Finally, toss the pasta with sauce right after cooking”.

For tonight and from now on, I have to remember to break the habit of adding oil while the pasta is cooking. #LessonLearned


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