A Good Chef: Knows Their Ingredients

I remember the first time I cooked with artichokes was when i was making my vegetarian lasagna. I had a nostalgic moment when I was craving pizza from Artichoke’s, a pizzeria in NYC. At the moment, there are no vegan pizza options. I’m praying for one day, Artichoke’s pizzeria will sell vegan slices. #newyorkerproblems #pizza

My lasagna did not turn out exactly how I planned. I did not know too much about artichokes, first of all. I thought I could just add it with the the rest of my vegetables in the lasagna. Nope. Artichokes require a little prep before adding it in. I wish I knew more about artichokes then.

Thanks to me, you get the info short and sweet. (I try…)

I am inspired to learn and blog about my learning following the season. I hope that each year my dishes will improve.


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