Garlic: “The Stinking Rose”

Botanical name :Allium sativum



Fresh: Garlic is best fresh. When buying garlic, you will know it is fresh when the head is compact firm and there is no sprouting.

Dried: Store in an airtight container in a dark cool place.


Garlic has the most health benefits when fresh; it is lost when dried.

Fresh garlic best at the beginning of the season (Spring)

The best way to crush garlic is using a mortar and pestle because it releases the max flavor.

Interesting fact about garlic: Elephant garlic are the largest – one may think that they may have a more intense garlic flavor. They have a delicate flavor, actually. Large and delicate. Just like the majestic creature the elephant is.

Garlic could be used for medicinal use as well. My mom made my sister and I wear a strand of garlic to bed to ward off illnesses. I thought we were warding off vampires *my way of coping with the smell*

Not only is garlic a great ingredient for our bodies and in dishes, but it is also great for your garden. Garlic acts as a natural insect repellant, hence the nickname “the stinking rose”.

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