Ethos behind the Peaceful Planet Kitchen

Compassion for ourselves, for one another, and for the planet | Food awareness

My passion for cooking with a purpose was ignited when I learned about the impacts my food choices make on the planet. Taking care of the planet and all the life that lives on this beautiful planet has always been dear to me. As a passionate environmentalist knowing that I can help the environment via the food I choose to put on my plate, I thought, “Let’s do this! This is the path I am taking to help the environment and people!”

I am that middle person testing recipes from different chefs and bakers and sharing with you what I think is the best of the best and worth your time to make. Homemade meals that taste like you went out on the town! But also comforting… Here and there you may see a recipe that has a hygge feeling to it. Comforting & nourishing at the same time. It is aggravating and time consuming if you are stressed or have a very busy schedule. Who wants to flip through cookbooks and find a healthy dish that’s quick to make when feeling to burnt out to even begin looking for recipes? My dear ones, I have found those yummy carrot recipes. Hate Brussels sprouts? I’ve got an amazing gratin recipe for them because who doesn’t love a good creamy dish? I will help you fall in love with vegetables. I will introduce you to the proper way on how to prep and cut, chop… I will tell you what type of potato to use if you want to make fries or mashed potatoes (Yes! The type of potato you choose to use matters!).

And not only do I add cooking tips, I add nutritional information to the recipes I post. It helps to know the carbs, protein, fiber, sugar and fat in an ingredient. If you have health issues or concerns, you then know what to have or to avoid when you know what is in the ingredient. I had a carb issue a few moths back. I ate way too much sweet potatoes and beets that it disrupted my digestion and other things. I noticed when I cut back from high carbs for 1 month, the symptoms disappeared and I was able to eat my sweet potatoes and beets again! In moderation.

My mission with this page is to express:
  • Eating healthy does not have to be hard
  • Eating a more plant based lifestyle not only helps our bodies but also helps our planet and it is a practice of compassion. The impacts of climate change will affect major cities. With the rise of sea levels, this means that major cities will be wiped out. It may seem like one person alone can prevent a city from being underwater, but it does cut back on the amount of resources that go into one plate of food.
  • LEARN how to introduce vegetables and fruits into your diet and how to prepare them, but also how to reduce food waste in our kitchen as much as possible!
  • Showing the ROCKSTAR POTENTIAL vegetables and fruits have! Whether they are my own original recipes or recipes shared from other chefs, you will see that the more you learn about plants, the more you will realize the ceaseless and unlimited possibilities of plants!
  • No judgement. The information I share is me simply sharing knowledge to help you be aware of what you put in your body when you are making personal food choices. I humbly ask for your forgiveness if you feel there is judgement — that is not my intention.

my food blog does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.